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Consultation Document – Revision of the Private Network and Resale Class Licenses


Private communications networks are an essential catalyst for both the private and government sectors. Businesses and government entities, whose operations are not confined to a single location, have used private communications networks for decades to ensure reliable, resilient, and secure voice and data communications between sites.


As Qatar works to enhance its international competitiveness by promoting a knowledge-based economy and entrepreneurship, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) recognizes that private telecom networks are now becoming more critical in the digital transformation that will contribute to Qatar's vision.

With the increased workforce mobility, private communications networks support and enable efficient and effective operations. The requirement to communicate is not limited to people; IoT and Industry 4.0 require the integration and interconnection of machines and many different types of devices, enabling a wide variety of applications, even when machines and devices are mobile or geographically dispersed.

Guidelines for Submission of Feedback:

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority submits a proposal for consultation on proposed amendments to the "Class License to Own and/or Operate a Private Network" and the "Class License to Resell Telecommunications Services (Retail)."

You, as service providers and various stakeholders, can participate in providing your views and comments on the document until no later than 31.03.2022.

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Closes October 31st, 2024

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