Medical Services Easily Accessible through Primary Health Care Corporation’s ‘Nar’aakom’ app and Hotline


Jul 12, 2023

 The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has launched an extensive campaign across Qatar to promote the use of its ‘Nar’aakom’ app and the  ‘Hayak 107’ hotline. 

The PHCC campaign, held under the theme “Reaching our services easier now,” is leveraging social media platforms, websites, and billboards to reach a wide audience. 

The initiative aims to encourage people to use the application and the hotline to fulfill their healthcare needs and take advantage of the benefits available across 31 health centers in the country.

The campaign highlights that residents can use the Nar’aakom app and the 107 hotline to take or reschedule appointments for patients or their dependents for clinics, including family medicine, assistance in quitting smoking, dental services, mental health services, dietetics, and early screening at designated health centres. 

The application is a user-friendly and bilingual platform that makes it easy for users to manage all of their health services. These services range from keeping track of the health card expiry date and online renewal, to accessing the assigned health center and finding a personal assigned family physician. Nar’aakom also allows users to change the health centre and family physicians at the registered health centre when needed.

The Nar’aakom application is available for both iPhones and Android and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store in Qatar. 

To access the services, individuals need to have an account with Qatar’s National Authentication System (Tawtheeq). The services are available to residents over 18 years of age who hold a Qatar Identification Document (QID).

Meanwhile, the PHCC’s unified hotline for all health centres makes it easy for visitors to receive information and schedule appointments in five languages. 

PHCC has more than 1 million registered individuals, and more than 5,000 clinicians serving across 31 health centers. Around 89 services are provided by PHCC and approximately has seen more than 10,000 patient visits daily in 2022. 

The most sought services in 2022 were family medicine with 2,705,400 people visiting the clinics at health centers across the country. Also, 268,502 visited dental clinics, while 142,415 sought urgent care services in 2022.

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