Qatar Launches Sharek Platform to Manage Citizen Experience for Government Services


May 29, 2023

Sharek is Qatar’s E-Participation community, part of the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau, to engage and connect with citizens on social and political issues important to you.

Citizens and residents should have information and public services to promote participation in policy-making, empower individual citizens, and benefit society.

Our mission aims to enable citizens to share their views on upcoming policies, strategies, and initiatives consultations, provide feedback on government information and services, and participate in co-creating innovative solutions and services.

Why? E-Participation is a tool to promote access to information, engage with the government by consulting on policies, and provide systems that enable to public to participate in decision-making.

Our Goals:

  • Empower Citizens

We create opportunities for citizens to share their views through participatory systems, making it easier to co-create innovative solutions and share feedback.

  • Gauge Feedback

We are committed to learning Qataris' main concerns on upcoming policies, strategies, and initiatives.

  • Spread Awareness of Government Activities

To provide more resources and information to citizens to help them get involved in shaping Qatari public policies.

The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau manages the Sharek platform.

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